A Virtual Analog Model of the Edp Wasp VCF

Lasse Köper; Martin Holters; Fabián Esqueda; Julian D. Parker
DAFx-2022 - Vienna
In this paper we present a virtual analog model of the voltagecontrolled filter used in the EDP Wasp synthesizer. This circuit is an interesting case study for virtual analog modeling due to its characteristic nonlinear and highly dynamic behavior which can be attributed to its unusual design. The Wasp filter consists of a state variable filter topology implemented using operational transconductance amplifiers (OTAs) as the cutoff-control elements and CMOS inverters in lieu of operational amplifiers, all powered by a unipolar power supply. In order to accurately model the behavior of the circuit we propose extended models for its nonlinear components, focusing particularly on the OTAs. The proposed component models are used inside a white-box circuit modeling framework to create a digital simulation of the filter which retains the interesting characteristics of the original device.