3-D Audio with Dynamic Tracking for Multimedia Environtments

José Javier López; Alberto González
DAFx-1999 - Trondheim
This papers deals with a 3-D audio system that has been developed for desktop multimedia environments. The system has the ability to place virtual sources at arbitrary azimuths and elevations around the listener’s head based on HRTF binaural synthesis. A listener seated in front of a computer and two loudspeakers placed at each side of the monitor have been considered. Transaural reproduction using loudspeakers has been used for rendering the sound field to listener ears. Furthermore the system can cope with slight movements of the listener head. Head position is monitored by means of a simple computer vision algorithm. Four head position coordinates (x,y,z,φ) in order to allow free movements of the listener are continuously estimated. Cross-talk cancellation filters and virtual sources locations are updated depending on these head coordinates.