Numerical Model of the Sound Field inside Cars for the Creation of Virtual audible Reconstructions

A. Farina; E. Ugolotti
DAFx-1998 - Barcelona
The research undertaken aims to the development of a new numerical predictive technique, capable of producing such a detailed simulation, so that it can be used for the creation of “virtual” sound samples, theoretically indistinguishable from binaural recordings inside a real car. This way, a proposed (not existing yet) sound system could be compared with the existing ones by direct listening tests. This paper describes the implementation of the numerical model, based on Boundary Elements for low frequencies and Pyramid Tracing for higher frequencies. The results of the two models are merged together, producing a binaural impulse response which can be convolved with the music signal. The performances of the system were evaluated by listening tests, in comparison with experimental measurements taken in a 1:5 scale model of a car compartment.