Metabolic emergent auditory effects by means of physical particle modeling: the example of musical sand

Luciani Annie; Castagne Nicolas; Tixier Nicolas
DAFx-2003 - London
In the context of Computer Music, physical modeling is usually dedicated to the modeling of sound sources or physical instruments. This paper presents an innovative use of physical modeling in order to model and synthesize complex auditory effects such as collective acoustic phenomena producing metabolic emergent auditory organizations. As a case study, we chose the ‘dune effect’, which in open nature leads both to visual and auditory effects. The article introduces two particle physical models, able to collaborate. The first is dedicated the synthesis of spatial (or visual) dynamics effects of moving sand dunes. The second i s dedicated to the rendering of acoustical dynamics of “sounding sands”. Altogether, they lead to a multisensorial simulation of sand in dune. Keywords: auditory effects, metabolic effects, emergence, sonification process, sounding sands,