An expressive real-time sound model of rolling

Matthias Rath
DAFx-2003 - London
This paper describes the structure and potential of a real-time sound model of “rolling”. The work has it’s background and motivation in the ecological approach of psychoacoustics. Scope of interest is the efficient and clear (possibly exaggerated) acoustic expression, cartoonification, of certain ecological attributes rather than realistic simulations for their own sake. To this end, different techniques of sound generation are combined in a hybrid hierarchical structure. A physics-based algorithm (section 2) of impact-interaction at the audio-core is surrounded by higher-level structures that explicitely model macroscopic characteristics (section 5). Another connecting audio-level algorithm, the “rolling-filter”, reduces the (3-dimensional) geometry of the rolling-contact to the one dimension of the impactinteraction-model (section 3).