Monitoring distance effect with wave field synthesis

M. Noguès; E. Corteel; O. Warusfel
DAFx-2003 - London
Wave Field Synthesis (WFS) [1] rendering allows the reproduction of virtual point sources. Depending on source positioning, the wave front synthesized in the listening area exhibits a given curvature that is responsible for a spatial perspective sensation. It is then possible to monitor the distance of a source with a “holophonic distance” parameter concurrently with conventional distance cues based on the control of direct/reverberation ratio. Presentation of this holophonic distance is made and then discussed in the context of authoring sound scenes in WFS installations. Three goals to this work: Introducing WFS to sound engineers in an active listening test where they manipulate different parameters for the construction of a sound scene. Assessing the perceptual relevance of the holophonic distance modifications. Studying the possible link between the holophonic distance parameter and conventional subjective distance parameters traditionally used by sound engineers.