Analysis and Correction of Maps Dataset

Xuan Gong; Wei Xu; Juanting Liu; Wenqing Cheng
DAFx-2019 - Birmingham
Automatic music transcription (AMT) is the process of converting the original music signal into the digital music symbol. The MIDI Aligned Piano Sounds (MAPS) dataset was established in 2010 and is the most used benchmark dataset for automatic piano music transcription. In this paper, error screening is carried out through algorithm strategy, and three data annotation problems are found in ENSTDkCl, which is a subset of MAPS, usually used for algorithm evaluation: (1) there are 342 deviation errors of midi annotation; (2) there are 803 unplayed note errors; (3) there are 1613 slow starting process errors. After algorithm correction and manual confirmation, the corrected dataset is released. Finally, the better-performing Google model and our model are evaluated on the corrected dataset. The F values are 85.94% and 85.82%, respectively, and it is correspondingly improved compared with the original dataset, which proves that the correction of the dataset is meaningful.