Wave field synthesis interaction with the listening environment, improvements in the reproduction of virtual sources situated inside the listening room

T. Caulkins; E. Corteel; O. Warusfel
DAFx-2003 - London
Holophonic sound reproduction using Wave Field Synthesis (WFS) [1] aims at recreating a virtual spatialized sound scene in an extended area. Applying this technique to synthesize virtual sources located within an indoor environment can create striking audio effects in the context of virtual or augmented reality applications. However, interactions of the synthesized sound field with the listening room must be taken into account for they cause modifications in the resulting sound field. This paper enumerates some of these interactions according to different virtual scene configurations and applications. Particular attention is paid to the reproduction of the sound source directivity and to the reproduction of a room effect coherent with the real environment. Solutions for synthesizing the directivity of the source and the associated room effect are proposed and discussed around simulations, developpements and first perceptual validation.