Download Cue Point Processing: An Introduction
Modern digital sound formats such as aiff, mpeg1/2/4/7, wav and ra support the use of cue points. A cue point may also be referred to as a seek point or a key frame. These mechanisms store meta data about the sound files. In this paper, we identity and describe how these formats are encoded, and process meta data information with a focus on cue points. Finally, we conclude with the direction of our future research for improving multimedia browsing mechanisms and additional applications by leveraging the use of cue points within those applications. Keywords: sound file formats, cue points, sound file, audio files, seek point, key frame, audio indexing
Download Sound Processing With The Sndobj Library: An Overview
This paper presents an overview of the sound processing applications of the Sound Object (SndObj) Library version 2.0. The SndObj library is an object-oriented sound synthesis and processing programming library. It is designed for the development of music applications, as well as research and implementation of DSP algorithms. The paper includes a brief but comprehensive description of the library class trees. It also presents the new features and changes introduced in the latest version of the library. A discussion of sound processing and synthesis programs, including some code examples, completes this article.
Download Composing Musical Spaces By Means of Decorrelation of Audio Signals