Recognition Of Ellipsoids From Acoustic Cues

Fontana F.; Ottaviani L.; Rath M.; Rocchesso D.
DAFx-2001 - Limerick
Ideal three-dimensional resonators are “labeled” (identified) by infinite sequences of resonance modes, whose distribution depends on the resonator shape. We are investigating the ability of human beings to recognize these shapes by auditory spectral cues. Rather than focusing on a precise simulation of the resonator, we want to understand if the recognition takes place using simplified “cartoon” models, just providing the first resonances that identify a shape. In fact, such models can be easily translated into efficient algorithms for real-time sound synthesis in contexts of human-machine interaction, where the resonator shape and other rendering parameters can be interactively manipulated. This paper describes the method we have followed to come up with an application that, executed in real-time, can be used in listening tests of shape recognition and together with human-computer interfaces.