The PluckSynth touch string

Fredrik Eckerholm; Gianpaolo Evangelista
DAFx-2008 - Espoo
In this paper the problem of the synthesis of plucked strings by means of physically inspired models is reconsidered in the context of the player’s interaction with the virtual instrument. While solutions for the synthesis of guitar tones have been proposed, which are excellent from the acoustic point of view, the problem of the control of the physical parameters directly by the player has not received sufficient attention. In this paper we revive a simple model previously presented by Cuzzucoli and Lombardo for the player’s touch. We show that the model is affected by an inconsistency that can be removed by introducing the finger/pick perturbation in a balanced form on the digital waveguide. The results, together with a more comprehensive model of the guitar have been implemented in a VST plugin, which is the starting point for further research.