Automatic Recognition of Cascaded Guitar Effects

Jinyue Guo; Brian McFee
DAFx-2023 - Copenhagen
This paper reports on a new multi-label classification task for guitar effect recognition that is closer to the actual use case of guitar effect pedals. To generate the dataset, we used multiple clean guitar audio datasets and applied various combinations of 13 commonly used guitar effects. We compared four neural network structures: a simple Multi-Layer Perceptron as a baseline, ResNet models, a CRNN model, and a sample-level CNN model. The ResNet models achieved the best performance in terms of accuracy and robustness under various setups (with or without clean audio, seen or unseen dataset), with a micro F1 of 0.876 and Macro F1 of 0.906 in the hardest setup. An ablation study on the ResNet models further indicates the necessary model complexity for the task.