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This program is also available as pdf-format (flyer) Please have a look at some photos from the conference

WED, September 25

17:00 Registration & Welcome-Drink
19:00 (end of registration)

THU, September 26

08:00 Registration
09:00 University President Opening
Session 1: Effects - Chair: Xavier Serra
09:20 Daniel Arfib Gestural Strategies for Specific Filtering Processes
09:40 David Darlington Digital Audio Effects in the Wavelet Domain
10:00 Julius Smith Doppler Simulation and the Leslie
10:20 Vincent Verfaille Implementation Strategies for Adaptive Digital Audio Effects
10:40 Coffee Break
Session 2: Sound Analysis (1) - Chair: Pierre Dutilleux
11:00 Christian Spevak Soundspotter – A Prototype System for Content-based Audio Retrieval
11:20 Christopher Duxbury A Hybrid Approach to Musical Note Onset Detection
11:40 Giuliano Monti Automatic Polyphonic Piano Note Extraction Using Fuzzy Logic in a Blackboard System
12:00 Luis I. Ortiz-Berenguer Polyphonic Transcription Using Piano Modeling for Spectral Pattern Recognition
12:20 Lunch Break
Session 3: Sound Analysis (2) - Chair: Matti Karjalainen
13:40 Florian Keiler Survey on Extraction of Sinusoids in Stationary Sounds
14:00 Mathieu Lagrange Sinusoidal Parameter Extraction and Component Selection in a non Stationary Model
14:20 Derry FitzGerald Sub-Band Independent Subspace Analysis for Drum Transcription
14:40 Harald Viste An Extension for Source Separation Techniques Avoiding Beats
Poster Session 1 - Chair: Søren Nielsen
15:00 Trestino Cosmo Real Time Implementation of the HVXC MPEG-4 Speech Coder
  Jiri Schimmel Optimizing Digital Musical Effect Implementation for Multiple Processor DSP Systems
Oomke Weikert Realization of a Diffuse Sound Field with a PC-based Sound Card Solution
Pei Xiang A New Scheme for Real-Time Loop Music Production Based on Granular Similarity and Probability Control
Jeremy J. Wells Real-Time Partial Tracking in an Augmented Additive Synthesis System
Rémy Boyer Efficient Parametric Modeling for Audio Transients
Pierre Hanna Adapting the Overlap-Add Method to the Synthesis of Noise
15:40 Coffee Break
Session 4: Sound Modeling / Synthesis - Chair: Udo Zölzer
16:00 Ismo Kauppinen Audio Signal Extrapolation - Theory and Applications
16:20 Federico Avanzini Modeling Interactions between Rubbed Dry Surfaces Using an Elasto-Plastic Friction Model
16:40 Stefania Serafin Modeling Bowl Resonators Using Circular Waveguide Networks
17:00 Matthew Burtner Real-Time Spatial Processing and Transformations of a Singing Bowl
17:20 Information DAFx-03 London
17:40 Break
18:20 Concert Diedrichsen-Band

FRI, September 27

Session 5: Spectral Modeling / Processing / Synthesis - Chair: Mark Sandler
09:00 Prof. Philippe Depalle Spectral Representation and Spectral Modelling for Sound Synthesis and Processing
09:30 Pietro Polotti Inharmonic Sound Spectral Modelling by Means of Fractal Additive Synthesis
09:50 David Topper Spatio-Operational Spectral (S.O.S.) Synthesis
10:10 Roland Badeau EDS Parametric Modeling and Tracking of Audio Signals
10:30 Coffee Break photo-call
Session 6: Synthesis / Instrument Modeling (1) - Chair: Davide Rocchesso
11:00 Rémy Boyer Iterative Method for Harmonic and Exponentially Damped Sinusoidal Models
11:20 Pierre Hanna Real-Time Noise Synthesis with Control of Spectral Density
11:40 Wim D'haes Physical Constraints for the Control of a Physical Model of a Trumpet
12:00 Damian Murphy Digital Waveguide Mesh Modelling of Room Acoustics: Improved Anechoic Boundaries
12:20 Lunch Break
Session 7: Instrument Modeling (2) - Chair: Emmanuel Favreau
13:50 Albrecht Schneider,
Rolf Bader
Musical Instrument Acoustics and Psychoacoustics: Interdependencies between Vibrational Behaviour of Instruments and Perceptual Issues
14:20 Nicolas Castagne Creating Music by Means of "Physical Thinking": The Musician Oriented Genesis Environment
14:40 Balázs Bank On the Nonlinear Commuted Synthesis of the Piano
15:00 Matti Karjalainen Efficient Modeling and Synthesis of Bell-like Sounds
Poster Session 2 - Chair: Zdenek Smekal
15:20 Laura Ottaviani Recognition of Distance Cues from a Virtual Spatialization Model
  Thomas Lysaght Timbre Morphing Using the Modal Distribution
Perttu Hämäläinen Smoothing of the Control Signal without clipped output in Digital Peak Limiters
Tamara Smyth The Sounds of the Avian Syrinx - are they really Flute-like?
Stefan Möller A Measurement Technique for Highly Nonlinear Transfer Functions
Matthias Baeck Performance Analysis of a Source Separation Algorithm
15:50 Coffee Break
Session 8: Software - Chair: Nicola Bernardini
16:10 Victor Lazzarini Audio Signal Processing and Object-oriented Systems
16:30 Joseph Timoney New SndObj Library Classes for Sinusoidal Modelling
16:50 Enrique Robledo Arnuncio A C++ Development Platform for Real Time Audio Processing and Synthesis Applications
17:10 Christian Müller-Tomfelde Sound Effects for a Silent Computer System
17:30 break
19:00 Social Event Harbour Trip and Buffet

SAT, September 28

Session 9: Audio Coding - Chair: Markus Erne
09:00 Prof. Karlheinz Brandenburg Audio Coding: Basic Techniques and New Developments
09:30 C.M. Liu A New Criterion and Associated Bit Allocation Method for Current Audio Coding Standards
09:50 Nikolaus Meine Fast Sinusoid Synthesis for MPEG-4 HILN Parametric Audio Decoding
10:10 Mohammed Raad From Lossy to Lossless Audio Coding using SPIHT
10:30 Coffee Break
Session 10: Psychoacoustics - Chair: Daniel Arfib
11:00 Prof. Jens Blauert Human Sound Localization: Some Fundamentals
11:30 Esben Skovenborg Measuring Consonance by Auditory Modelling
11:50 George Tzanetakis Human Perception and Computer Extraction of Beat Strength
12:10 Pierre Dutilleux Live-Electronic Algorithms in the Multimedia Work "Swim Swan"
12:30 End of Conference