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DAFx-02 Proceedings – Author Index

DAFx-02 Proceedings – Session Overview

Session 1 - Effects
(Thursday, September 26, 2002)

Daniel Arfib, Jean-Michel Couturier, Loic Kessous
Gestural Strategies for Specific Filtering Processes
(pages 1-6)

David Darlington, Laurent Daudet, Mark Sandler
Digital Audio Effects in the Wavelet Domain
(pages 7-12)

Julius O. Smith, Stefania Serafin, Jonathan Abel, David Berners
Doppler Simulation and the Leslie
(pages 13-20)

Vincent Verfaille, Daniel Arfib
Implementation Strategies for Adaptive Digital Audio Effects
(pages 21-26)

Session 2 - Sound Analysis
(Thursday, September 26, 2002)

Christian Spevak, Emmanuel Favreau
Soundspotter - A Prototype System for Content-based Audio Retrieval
(pages 27-32)

Christopher Duxbury, Mark Sandler, Mike Davies
A Hybrid Approach to Musical Note Onset Detection
(pages 33-38)

Giuliano Monti, Mark Sandler
Automatic Polyphonic Piano Note Extraction Using Fuzzy Logic in a Blackboard System
(pages 39-44)

Luis I. Ortiz-Berenguer, F. Javier Casajús-Quirós
Polyphonic Transcription Using Piano Modeling for Spectral Pattern Recognition
(pages 45-50)

Session 3 - Sound Analysis
(Thursday, September 26, 2002)

Florian Keiler, Sylvain Marchand
Survey on Extraction of Sinusoids in Stationary Sounds
(pages 51-58)

Mathieu Lagrange, Sylvain Marchand, Jean-Bernard Rault
Sinusoidal Parameter Extraction and Component Selection in a non Stationary Model
(pages 59-64)

Derry FitzGerald, Eugene Coyle, Bob Lawlor
Sub-Band Independent Subspace Analysis for Drum Transcription
(pages 65-69)

Harald Viste, Gianpaolo Evangelista
An Extension for Source Separation Techniques Avoiding Beats
(pages 71-75)

Poster Session 1
(Thursday, September 26, 2002)

Alessandro Maso, Cosmo Trestino, Gian Antonio Mian
Real Time Implementation of the HVXC MPEG-4 Speech Coder
(pages 77-80)

Jiri Schimmel, Zdenek Smekal, Petr Krkavec
Optimizing Digital Musical Effect Implementation for Multiple Processor DSP Systems
(pages 81-84)

Oomke Weikert
Realization of a Diffuse Sound Field with a PC-Based Sound Card Solution
(pages 85-88)

Pei Xiang
A new Scheme for Real-Time Loop Music Production Based on Granular Similarity and Probability Control
(pages 89-92)

Jeremy J. Wells, Damian T. Murphy
Real-Time Partial Tracking in an Augmented Additive Synthesis System
(pages 93-96)

Rémy Boyer, Karim Abed-Meraim
Efficient Parametric Modeling for Audio Transients
(pages 97-100)

Pierre Hanna, Myriam Desainte-Catherine
Adapting the Overlap-Add Method to the Synthesis of Noise
(pages 101-104)

Session 4 - Sound Modeling/Synthesis
(Thursday, September 26, 2002)

Ismo Kauppinen, Kari Roth
Audio Signal Extrapolation - Theory and Applications
(pages 105-110)

Federico Avanzini, Stefania Serafin, Davide Rocchesso
Modeling Interactions between Rubbed Dry Surfaces Using an Elasto-Plastic Friction Model
(pages 111-116)

Stefania Serafin, Carr Wilkerson, Julius O. Smith
Modeling Bowl Resonators Using Circular Waveguide Networks
(pages 117-121)

Matthew Burtner, Stefania Serafin, David Topper
Real-Time Spatial Processing and Transformations of a Singing Bowl
(pages 123-126)

Session 5 - Spectral Modeling/Processing/Synthesis
(Friday, September 27, 2002)

Pietro Polotti, Fritz Menzer, Gianpaolo Evangelista
Inharmonic Sound Spectral Modeling by Means of Fractal Additive Synthesis
(pages 127-132)

David Topper, Matthew Burtner, Stefania Serafin
Spatio-Operational Spectral (S.O.S.) Synthesis
(pages 133-137)

Roland Badeau, Rémy Boyer, Bertrand David
EDS Parametric Modeling and Tracking of Audio Signals
(pages 139-144)

Session 6 - Synthesis
(Friday, September 27, 2002)

Rémy Boyer, Julie Rosier
Iterative Method for Harmonic and Exponentially Damped Sinusoidal Models
(pages 145-150)

Pierre Hanna, Anthony Beurivé, Myriam Desainte-Catherine
Real-Time Noise Synthesis with Control of the Spectral Density
(pages 151-156)

Wim D'haes, Xavier Rodet
Physical Constraints for the Control of a Physical Model of a Trumpet
(pages 157-162)

Damian T. Murphy, Jack Mullen
Digital Waveguide Mesh Modeling of Room Acoustics: Improved Anechoic Boundaries
(pages 163-168)

Session 7 - Instrument Modeling
(Friday, September 27, 2002)

Nicolas Castagne, Claude Cadoz
Creating Music by Means of ´Physical Thinking`: The Musician Oriented Genesis Environment
(pages 169-174)

Balázs Bank, László Sujbert
On the Nonlinear Commuted Synthesis of the Piano
(pages 175-180)

Matti Karjalainen, VesaVälimäki, Paulo A. A. Esquef
Efficient Modeling and Synthesis of Bell-like Sounds
(pages 181-186)

Poster Session 2
(Friday, September 27, 2002)

Laura Ottaviani, Federico Fontana, Davide Rocchesso
Recognition of Distance Cues from a Virtual Spatialization Model
(pages 187-190)

Thomas Lysaght, Joseph Timoney
Timbre Morphing using the Modal Distribution
(pages 191-194)

Perttu Hämäläinen
Smoothing of the Control Signal without Clipped Output in Digital Peak Limiters
(pages 195-198)

Tamara Smyth, Julius O. Smith
The Sounds of the Avian Syrinx - are they Really Flute-Like?
(pages 199-202)

Stephan Möller, Martin Gromowski, Udo Zölzer
A Measurement Technique for Highly Nonlinear Transfer Functions
(pages 203-206)

Matthias Baeck, Udo Zölzer
Performance Analysis of a Source Separation Algorithm
(pages 207-210)

Session 8 - Software
(Friday, September 27, 2002)

Victor Lazzarini
Audio Signal Processing and Object-oriented Systems
(pages 211-216)

Joseph Timoney, Victor Lazzarini, Thomas Lysaght
New SndObj Library Classes for Sinusoidal Modeling
(pages 217-220)

Enrique Robledo Arnuncio, Rubén Hinojosa, Maarten de Boer
A C++ Development Platform for Real Time Audio Processing and Synthesis Applications
(pages 221-225)

Christian Müller-Tomfelde
Sound Effects for a Silent Computer System
(pages 227-232)

Session 9 - Audio Coding
(Saturday, September 28, 2002)

C.M. Liu, W.J. Lee, R.S. Hong
A New Criterion and Associated Bit Allocation Method for Current Audio Coding Standards
(pages 233-237)

Nikolaus Meine, Heiko Purnhagen
Fast Sinusoid Synthesis for MPEG-4 HILN Parametric Audio Decoding
(pages 239-244)

Mohammed Raad, Alfred Mertins
From Lossy to Lossless Audio Coding Using SPIHT
(pages 245-250)

Session 10 - Psychoacoustics
(Saturday, September 28, 2002)

Esben Skovenborg, Søren H. Nielsen
Measuring Sensory Consonance by Auditory Modeling
(pages 251-256)

George Tzanetakis, Georg Essl, Perry Cook
Human Perception and Computer Extraction of Musical Beat Strength
(pages 257-261)

Kiyoshi Furukawa, Pierre Dutilleux
Live-Electronics Algorithms in the Multimedia Work “Swim Swan”
(pages 263-268)